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Mitra Guna Instrumentasi,  081380328072,  021-37699537,  k00011100@
Mitra Guna Instrumentasi, 081380328072, 021-37699537, k00011100@
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Mr. Harry Silalahi
[Director/CEO/General Manager]
Phone Number:
+6281380328072, 021-37699537
Mobile Number:
+6281380328072, 021-37699537
Fax Number:
Ruko Taman Yasmin Sektor VI, Jl. Ring Road Utara No. 134
Bogor 16113, Jawa Barat
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+ 6221-37699537, 0251-7543316
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USHIKATA S 25 Surveying Compasses, Hp: 081380328072, Email : k00011100@
PriceRp. 13.000.000
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The Ushikata Surveying Compasses have been used for compass survey over the world for many years. The four models are specifically designed to be very handy and compact, incorporating many features. The LS-25 is equipped with a unique reversible type telescope level for easy and convenient levelling corrections. Besides compass circle, the LS-25 and S-25 have a horizontal reading, which is provided with a unique ' O-BAC' device for one-touch zero setting.

The magnetic induction tamper is provided to ensure quick magnetic reading. Stadia survey is available with the telescope reticle. These pocket compasses are used for mountain, forest and range surveying. All surveying compasses are complete with a very handy, Light-weight plastic carrying case.
Includes : Metal tripod.

Ushikata S-25
Specifications :
Telescope : reversible, erect, 12X, 120mm long.
Compass Circle : Dia.= 70mm, 1 " .
Vertical circle : Full circle, 1

Contact Us :
Mitra Guna Instrument
Lindeteves Trade Centre, Lt GF1 Blok A2 No.37
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 127 Glodok Jakarta
Telp : 021-37699537
Hp : 081380328072
Fax : 021-62320340
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